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The Butte Agriculture Foundation, Inc. provides essential services to events and programs including a 501(c)3 charitable organization home. Programs that meet the Foundation mission will be have a tax deductible tax id number for sponsors and donors as well as full support of Foundation staff. 


The Foundation can provide the following services:


Financial Responsibility – The Foundation provides financial responsibility for entities under its umbrella including, payment of invoices, invoicing of vendors, income and expense tracking as well as reporting of current financial statements. 


Liability Insurance – The Foundation can provide liability insurance for events and programs. Most event locations require liability insurance which can be expensive to hold for small non-profits and fundraisers. The Foundation can provide required coverage and work with vendors directly to ensure timely and correct requirements. 


Event and Program Facilitation – The Foundation can provide support for events and programs including sponsor and donor tracking, event ticket sales tracking and processing, and fielding information requests and questions.


Sponsor/Donor follow up – The Foundation will coordinate following up with sponsors and donors with necessary tax information.


Interested in how the Butte Agriculture Foundation can help get your idea for a new program off the ground or provide excellent service and a 501(c)3 home for your current event or program? Contact us today!


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